More About Our Church Conflict Resolution Expertise

Reasons Why You Should Use Our Service

Formerly known as CLASS Act Seminars (founded in 2010), Conflict Ministry Consulting Service (CMCS) is one of two distinctive service tracks (corporate and faith based) resulting from the January 2019 reorganization of the CLASS Act Seminars (LLC) ministry model. The other is Class Act Consulting & Seminars (CACS), which caters to the conflict training needs of workplaces, school system classrooms, and community groups.

As the name implies, Conflict Ministry Consulting Service is primarily concerned with helping the faith community in its quest to equip believers with better conflict resolution skills. Both CMCS and CACS are subsidiaries of CLASS Act Seminars, LLC.

Conflict Ministry Consulting Service was founded by Dr. Everton A. Ennis, who serves as the ministry's President and CEO. With his doctoral training, research in the field of conflict ministry, more than 12 years of conflict resolution teaching experience, and being the author of the widely acclaimed church conflict training guide "From Holy Hell to Hallelujah Again," he is regarded as a cutting edge expert in congregational conflict resolution training. His training and licensure as a General Civil Mediator gives him a breadth of knowledge and skills to facilitate the dispute resolution process and to teach key principles of conflict ministry to pastors and their congregations.


The mission of Conflict Ministry Consulting Service is to provide congregational conflict resolution training to help leaders and members make better better conflict choices that foster peace in the church. We provide conflict intervention and mediation services for congregations prior to, during, or after a conflict crisis. We do however, strongly recommend that pastors schedule our training programs for their congregations during the "off-season" when there is no apparent and damaging conflict in progress. This approach works best, in that it minimizes the possibility that our vital training program may be rejected because someone feels that the pastor is attempting to bring us in while he or she may be personally embroiled in the conflict situation at hand.

Our intervention and training program is matched to whatever stage of conflict a congregation is in, or whether there is no current crisis. Conflict ministry is an essential part of pastoral ministry. However, most pastors have not been exposed to professional conflict ministry training.


Professional Summary of Dr. Everton A. Ennis

  • Ordained Pastor ('05)
  • Doctoral Degree ('14) - Specialization in Conflict Resolution Training
  • Registered Neutral/General Civil Mediator - Judicial Council of Georgia/Administrative Office of the Courts
  • President & CEO - CLASS Act Seminars, LLC
  • Owner & Principal - Ennis Mediation Service
  • Owner & Facilitator - Class Act Consulting & Seminars
  • Author - "From Holy Hell to Hallelujah Again: Surviving the Consuming Flames of Congregational Conflict"