Solutions for Congregational Conflict

Reversing the Damaging Effects of Congregational Conflict

Many pastors do not see congregational conflict training as an important priority. This is a mistake. Conflict training should not be viewed from the perspective of whether or not there is currently a major church conflict situation going on. Major conflict does not just happen overnight. This is usually due to the ignoring of the issues when they were smaller. Overlooked, ignored, or denied micro conflicts almost always lead to major blowups... eventually, whether within the family, at the workplace, or in the house of worship.

Almost everyone who has been around houses of worship for any period of time recognizes that no body of believers is perfect. Imperfection is a dominant human trait. Being composed entirely of human beings, faith communities are therefore imperfect gatherings where human events such as conflict commonly occur.

There are some who assume that because people commit to a life of faith, they will automatically know and understand how to be a well-ordered, love-filled, and safe faith community where spiritual growth is assured for all. This is obviously not true!

Faith communities, whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Sikh, etc., all have a duty to teach their adherents how to experience loving relationships both within and outside their respective communities. The foundational Christian ethic, for example, is based on love for God and love for neighbor. However, this ethic does not always take precedent in church relationships, again, due to the fact of human imperfection. Hence, the many congregational conflicts that have become all too familiar.

Conflict Ministry Consulting Service specializes in Congregational Conflict Resolution Training, as well as conflict mediation in the local church. Our church leaders development programs are proven to make a positive difference. Please contact us today for a FREE consultation and let us schedule an on-site Conflict Ministry event to help educate your leadership team and members in how to prevent and resolve conflict. Our seminars and workshops are proven to be transformational in congregational life and missional outlook.

A key tenet of our congregational conflict resolution work is that any congregation of believers can experience positive change. This belief drives everything that we do and provide. We have more than 16 years of experience in this field, and there are numerous success stories to tell.

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We strongly recommend that church and other religious leaders expose their congregations to professional, practical training and equipping to improve family life, the workplace (or school) experience, and hence the congregational life. These three aspects of personal life are all intertwined, and significantly and sympathetically affect each other.

Wise, experienced church leaders understand that many church conflicts have very little to do with church itself. Rather, people tend to act out their family and job frustrations at church. Rest assured, what happens at church is usually what also happens at home!

Members bring brokenness with them to the house of worship, and unless religious leaders provide their congregants with education and training such as we provide here at Conflict Ministry Consulting Service, houses of worship will continue to be unduly broken too.

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